Tuesday, 9 September 2014

How To Be The Best Natural Ever!

1. Avoid Bandwagons
Nobody wants to miss out on the next big thing but jumping onto every single fad and natural trend will get you nowhere, fast. Know what your hair likes and stick to it. If you absolutely must have/try something new, weigh the pros and cons before you dive in with your eyes wide shut.


2. Read Labels
Some lables look like you need a chemistry degree to understand what they're on about but make Dr. Google your friend. You will quickly come to recongnise many of the commonly used ingredients, both good and bad, even when you have no clue how to pronounce them.

Naturals be like...homework time

3. Document Your Journey
More than just a few selfies of how much your hair has grown, taking pictures and keeping notes will help you see a trend in terms of what sort of products/ingredients favour your hair as well as what styles and techniques help you avoid tangles, knots and breakage.


4. Get Thick Skin
You will receive all manner of compliments, insults, advice and suggestions from all quarters. Apparently, your natural hair is everybody's business. Nod politely and keep it moving.


5. Keep It Simple
Some regimens I see are so convoluted they leave me cross-eyed. It's like reading a National Security Brief. How will you know what your hair likes if you use everything ALL THE TIME?? And how much time do you have anyway?? Get a damn job! Give your wallet and your sanity a break by streamlining your regimen. It also leaves you more time to watch Trash TV do something to better the world. Everyone's happy.


Now if only I could take my own advice.


  1. I Love this Nina!!!!!!!!! Excellent Job! Guilty of buying too many products!


  2. Thank you. I'll tell you what, since i'm feeling so generous, I can come take some of that surplus off your hands thats no doubt cuttering up your house in exchange for a lovely home-cooked meal. Win-win ;)