Thursday, 4 September 2014

Curls R Us: Nkirote is Ab Fab!

Whenever I’m asked how long I’ve been natural I don’t quite know what to say because the truth is I have no clue.  

I come from a very pro-natural family so when I was younger I had natural hair but mostly kept it short. This was until a friend of my parents took me to get a relaxer. (Fyi if anyone tries this on my kids I will kill you with my bare hands!!).
I retouched it maybe once or twice after that but stopped because I’ve always loved thick curly natural hair and hated how relaxed hair felt on my head. I transitioned but like most Nairobi natural used quite a bit of heat on my hair that used to result in breakage but the tomboy in me didn’t really care and figured it would always grow. About half a year after I moved to a high humidity city (Mombasa), I figured using heat was pointless in the humidity and then I started taking care of my hair properly. This was I guess the point I became a proper “fist in the air, back to the motherland” natural. J This was a bit more recent than two years ago and my hair has really flourished since.

Are You A Kink Or A Curl

Depends on the weather and manipulation but I’m mostly a curl. My hair has different hair types and hair densities in different places.  I’m not a big fan of hair typing, but most of my head is 4a with a few places having 3c and 4b hair. It may not seem like it but I actually have fine hair, which means I have to try being gentle and that’s one of the reasons I do my own hair and never go to salons. I have massive shrinkage like all other naturals. When stretched, my hair is nearly waist length but it shrinks to hilarious proportions


sleepy eyes!

I am the queen of lazy naturals and I keep it simple with my hair. I am a working mother of two children so I barely get time to do my hair. In addition, I have quite a bit of hair and I don’t like it all over my face especially in this humidity and heat because it feels like an oven.

I have a major wash day every two to four weeks. It depends on need. I barely apply anything on my hair so it doesn’t get product build up. In between washes I dry detangle weekly with my oil mixture (extra virgin olive oil, castor oil and coconut oil) and shea butter. It’s in a braided bun the rest of the time. I make one braid and make a bun/ Bantu knot with it.

During my wash day I shampoo (I use sulphate free shampoo from healthy U, usually Jasons), then I condition using tresseme naturals conditioner and do some finger detangling during this point. Finally I apply leave-in conditioner (this depends on availability; alba botanica from healthy U, Giovanni direct leave-in  or kinky curly knot today when someone is coming in from the US. My hair loves very thick and creamy leave-ins. I recently purchased a bottle of carol’s daughter’s Hair milk though, but it’s lighter than what I’m used to. I got it from Purple Earth foods in Riara.) After the leave-in I seal with my oil mixture and shea butter. I get the virgin oils from nakumatt and the whipped shea butter from healthy U. After leave-in and oil/ shea butter is when I do my thorough detangling in sections. I part into two sections then sub-divide as needed.  I thoroughly finger detangle then use a wide toothed comb. I just started using a denman wide-toothed comb with two rows of teeth. I love it.

I have no specific reason for not using brushes, gel, and styling products. I just don’t see the need to.

How I Wear My Hair:

Buns! Next question! 

Seriously though, I usually just bun it. No time and energy for anything else. When I delivered my second born I had four cornrows for delivery and during the first month. Then back to buns. That’s it.

Nearly a year ago I made medium sized braids with my hair, no extensions, and they took me three days to take out! Three days! So I’m not doing that for a while. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Would I change my hair e.g cut it, relax it, loc it? 

Unless something changes, no. Maybe style it more in the future if I get time, but I don’t know. Would definitely never relax it, and doubt I’d loc it because I like loose hair and its versatility. Sometimes during an annoying detangling session I think of cutting it but don’t think I would yet. I find long hair and short hair easier to handle for me, it’s that middle length that’s more work, so I’d cut it if I didn’t intend on growing it out again, but don’t think I will.

I did wear a weave for my wedding. First and last time. Not a fan. I ended up doing it because all the hair stylists wanted to relax my hair, add glue, blah blah blah, and do all sorts of madness to it so I put a weave and told them they can do whatever madness they want to it and after they’re done I take it out. Glad to see there are more hair dressers and stylists open to natural hair nowadays.


  1. I look high on cheap drugs in the blurred sleepy photo! �� I'd just woken up and undone my bun and in my head that photo was clear. :-)

    Nina thanks for your blog, we needed it. You're the Kenyan Curlynikki, JC (of natural haven) and natural85 (Whitney) all rolled up in one. Except you're more awesome. tIt's the truth, I'm not sucking up I promise hehe).

  2. LOOOOL @ cheap drugs. Hehehe. Awwww, thanks hon. If I had any money, i'd be leaving it to you in my will as we speak. Lol.

    1. I'm "screen-shotting" this for when we are old and wrinkley. I want my share! Unfortunately with your fitness you'll live forever. :-P

    2. Ha! If only! (she says, eating cheese).

  3. Where did did you get the denman brush from?

    1. From Nakumatt. My husband just randomly bought it and waa wondering why the excitement. :-) Hope they're still there though.