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The Inversion Method: How To Grow An Inch In Five Days!


By Debbie of NaturalKenyanGirl

On average, it takes over a month or more for African Hair to grow an inch. However, how much of the length you retain all depends on how well you take care of your tresses. Now, Imagine being told of a method that could help your hair GROW AN INCH in at-least FIVE DAYS!! Yep! I said it! Five to seven days to grow an inch of hair. 'How???' you ask. It is none other than the inversion method.
What is the Inversion method?


This method involves inverting your body in an upside down position. This supposedly relieves tension as your body’s weight naturally stretches your spine. Proponents claim that the inversion method eases back pain and also slows the spine’s aging process. Additionally, many people claim that this method stimulates brain activity, increases circulation, relieves pressure on your abdominal organs and enhances your glandular system. However, there are some hair aficionados who suggest that the same method can also increase the rate of hair growth. 

I came across this method while doing my usual natural hair research and thought it was a joke or one of those “grow hair fast” gimmicks. To my surprise, I came across You Tube videos by naturalistas who had used this methods and seen results!

How does it work?


• Massage hot oil into your scalp for 3 minutes. Olive oil is most recommended but you can use any oil you please.
• Do the inversion method for four minutes. Suggested positions: Stand next to a sink and lower your head as you would when washing hair. 2) Sit in a couch or chair and slightly lower your head towards your feet as you would when painting the toe nails.
• Repeat the method for seven consecutive days and wait three weeks before you attempt it again.

Note: Leave a minimum of three weeks between sessions; if you do it every week, your body might get used to it and it may end up not working.

So, I will try out the inversion method sometime next month and let you know how it goes. 


  • If at any given time during the inversion method you start feeling sleepy/drowsy, dizzy or abnormal in any way, slowly get back to an upright position. 
  • Do not attempt this method if: You are pregnant, are less than 18 years old (get a parent to assist) or have an existing medical condition (consult your physician before starting).

So until next time, keep it natural!

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