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Curls R Us: Jackie is Ab Fab!

My name is Jackie and I have been natural for 4 years. I am in the 4 hair type category with different curl sizes all over my head. The back of my head has the most even and tightest coils while the rest is pretty much all over the place in regards to curl size.

light flat-iron
Like most children in Kenya, I was natural growing up and had my hair either cut short by my mum or braided by our trusted stylist. It's not until secondary school that I had my hair straightened using a blow dryer. My school had a no braiding or relaxer rule. One had to either wear their hair really short or, in my case, a ponytail. So I was a straightened natural throughout my time there but I had a wonderful stylist who would shampoo, treat and blow dry my hair every two weeks. My hair was long and permanently straight and I remember getting into trouble with my teachers and having to prove that I was not relaxed.

3rd year natural: blowout

blowout using tension method

 I decided to relax my hair just because my older sister got hers relaxed as well. I left the country soon after and there was only one stylist here who worked with African hair so I decided to go to her for a relaxer touch up. It was a disaster to say the least as the relaxer she used on my hair was too strong. I had relaxer burns on my scalp and my hair was thin. I knew I had to take care of my own hair henceforth. I got to googling, found a good hair online community and got to reading on how to care of relaxed hair. My scalp healed and I had a good amount of new growth after a few months so it was time for another touch up. I had all the information I needed so I went out, bought a relaxer kit and grabbed a shampoo and a few conditioners as well. I never got to use the relaxer kit because the smell of the chemical simply put me off and when it finally came down to it, I was truly intimidated by the relaxing process in spite of tons of information I had gathered. So I decided to transition back to natural. 

Transitioning: two years post relaxer

I did use the shampoo and conditioner I bought but I thought they were complete junk as well and so I decided to learn how to make hair products. That is how I discovered a hobby I love and spend too much money on LOL. I am now a fully fledged cosmetic DIYer and only use the products I make except for the Eco styler I recently bought.

wash n go using Eco Styler gel
1st ever wash n go: 27/07/14

I really don't have a set routine, I shampoo whenever my hair or scalp needs it. I co wash after working out or when my hair feels dry. I only use a leave in after shampooing or co washing as constantly moisturising has never been my thing and only deep condition when I henna (monthly). I do however spray my hair with water to revive a style. I also only finger detangle with conditioner in my hair and try to trim every 3 months but snip off any single strand knots when detangling.

4 year anniversary: light flat-iron before trim

I used to do more with my hair when I first started and my hair was damaged but I feel my hair does not really need all that and I am just plain hair-lazy. I want to go back to pre-shampooing with an oil formulation I found in my cosmetic book but have to buy some of the oils first.

freshly shampooed and conditioned hair ready for twisting

The styles I wear have to last at least a week so it is usually large twists in a bun and an occasional twist out. I tried wash n gos this past summer and I like it so this will be my style for the warmer months as I just pineapple at night and shake in the morning and I am ready to go. When my hair was shorter, I used to only wear flat twist outs but they now make my hair tangle for some reason.

flat twists

flat twists

flat twist out

I am very happy with my hair at the moment even though I use it as a guinea pig for my DIY cosmetics hobby. The only thing I would love to do in the future is get my hair shaped in its curly state.

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