Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Local Coconut Oils Ranked from Best to Worst

In my previous post about coconut oil, I discussed the difference between virgin and refined oils. In this post, I compare all the locally available oils and list them in order from best to worst*.

FIRST: Navida Virgin Coconut Oil: MBFA'S Top Pick!!


- Ingredients: 100% Pure Virgin Coconut Oil
- Light, coconut smell and taste.
- White in colour.
- Oil is extracted from cold-pressed coconut milk using the centrifugal process. Basically, this means very little heat has been used in the extraction, leaving the highest amount of Lauric Acid and antioxidants intact. This is definitely the best method for extracting coconut oil.
- After extraction, oil is not refined and no additives are added.

Uses: consumption and external application.
(I use mine for cooking, in my hair, as my baby's diaper cream, for oil pulling and mixed into my body lotions.)

Edit: Healthy U's Naturalli Virgin Coconut Oil is actually Navida's oil which they purchase wholesale and repackage.

SECOND: Coast Coconut Farms Virgin Coconut Oil:

the labelling may have changed, my bottle says Virgin, not Extra Virgin

- Ingredients: Pure Virgin Coconut Oil
- Mild, slightly toasted coconut smell and taste; more pungent than the Navida, but not overwhelmingly so.
- White in colour
- Oil is extracted by expeller pressing the coconut flesh within hours of opening the fruit.  This probably means the flesh has to be quick-dried first in a kiln so it can be squeezed out. Expeller pressing exposes the oil to high temperatures caused by friction, which may cause some loss in nutrients.  Heating the oil also gives it the slightly toasted taste and smell.
- Oil after extraction is unrefined and unhydrogenated.

Uses: consumption and external application.  
I used to use this oil but it has become impossible to find locally since Dr. Bronner's decided to take it all. Besides, now I have Navida :)

THIRD: Kentaste Virgin Coconut Oil:

- Ingredients: Pure Virgin Coconut Oil
- Distinct toasted coconut smell and taste.
- White in colour
- Oil is extracted by cold-pressing mature grated coconut kernels. As the oil smells toasted, heat must be used at some point during extraction, possily to dry the coconut flesh before it is grated and pressed. 
- Oil after extraction is unrefined and no additives are added.

Uses: consumption and external application.  
I use this oil when Navida is out of stock and although I don't mind the smell, anyone who doesn't like the smell of coconut may find it too strong. It is the best priced virgin oil on the market.

FOURTH: Alisons Tropical Coconut Oil:

- Ingredients: Pure Coconut Oil.
- Strong, toasted coconut smell.
- Light brown in colour.
- Refined - contacted Alisons, they buy it already refined in vats and do not know what additives or processes it undergoes.

Uses: External ONLY! 
Do not eat this oil. However, it should work perfectly well for hair (subject to any additives it may contain).

FIFTH: Dabur Vatika Naturals Enriched Coconut Hair Oil:

I wasn't planning on rating this for the simple reason that it is brought in all the way from India yet we have perfectly good coconut trees here but a friend asked me to so here goes:

- Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Herbal Extracts, Lecithin (softener and emulsifier), Perfume, Aqua, Rosemary Oil, Tocopherol (SP?) Acetate (skin-conditioning agent), Citrus Oil, BHT (preservative)
- Doesn't smell of coconuts at all; smells quite perfumed, like a fragranced soap.
- forgot to check colour.
- Refined (see ingredients).

Uses: External Only:
Although this product is quite popular among naturals, it comes in a solid last for me simply because it is processed. There is some speculation that it contains mineral oil but I haven't found any evidence to substantiate that.

*Disclaimer: When it comes to oils, I prefer to use food grade, virgin oils as much as possible. My ranking is therefore based on least to most refined oil. 


  1. Hehe, funny thing, I love the coconut oils at both ends of the list. I love Vatika and Navida. :-)

  2. Lol. You're the 'friend'!! :) I was at the supermarket about to buy it and try it for the review but someone told me it had mineral oil so I didn't.

    1. Hehe, it doesn't have mineral oil but some of their other oils do.

      Now that you mentioned me in the article I want royalties. :-)

      I think I'll slowly move to Navida though, thanks to you. But I'm so torn! Decisions decisions.

    2. Royalties...er...ahem...*runs off*

  3. Thanks to your last post, I learned about different types of coconut oil. Just bought my first food grade tin...all the way from Singapore. I can hardly smell the coconut! Soooo excited.

  4. Since Navida has been out of stock for a few weeks (and we consume A LOT of coconut oil), I bought some from Wild Living. At first I thought they produced it themselves, but I understand that they help small farmers/producers process/market it. It is a lot like Navida though. Will try to find out more about it...