Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Get Ready To ROCKTOBEEEEEEERRRRR!!!! Day 1 Meal Plan And Exercises!

Challenge starts TOMORROW, 1st October 2014! Not entered yet? Enter now!. What you need to do for tomorrow:

1. Take your 'Before' and 'After' pics

2. Take your measurements*: 

- weight (best done first thing in the morning before you eat - remember the time and what you're wearing so you do not have too many variations when you next measure),
- bust
- natural waist
- hips
- left and right arms (around the bicep)
- left and right thigh (at the widest part at the top)

*I have created a closed group on Facebook, Rocktober Challenge 2014, for anyone who is doing the challenge who wishes to share their photos, journey and any tips and hints. If you join, participation is mandatory, no oglers or lurkers allowed.

3. Make sure your gear is clean and ready:
If you need DVDs, buy them. If you need equipment, get it out from under the bed where they are no doubt gathering dust.

4. Do all your food shopping. Do not get caught out tomorrow!

5. Plan (and prepare if necessary) your meals and snacks for tomorrow. 


Wednesday 1st October 2014
1 Egg Yolk
3 Egg Whites
 ½ Red & Green Pepper
1 Babybel Cheese
1 tsp coconut oil
330 Calories
10g Raw Almonds
50g Cottage Cheese
2 Crisp Breads
167 Calories
100g baked Chicken Breast
100g Steamed Broccoli
216 Calories
I Green Apple
I tablespoon No added Sugar/Salt Peanut Butter
148 Calories
150g steamed Tilapia
100g Vegetable stir fry(cauliflower, green beans, red pepper)
1 tsp coconut oil
345 Calories
Post-workout Shake
1 Scoop Whey Protein (I use USN Whey Plus in Vanilla)
1 small banana
50ml low fat milk
1 or 2 cups raw baby spinach
302 Calories
2630+ ml
0 Calories
If you work out, make sure you consume extra calories
1508 Calories
Protein 133g

* I use My Fitness Pal (phone app and PC)


Warm Up

1 minute Jumping Jacks

1 minute High Knees

1 minute Skipping
you don't really need a picture...

1 minute Wall Sprints

1 minute Squat Jumps

Take a 45 second break. Drink some water

Do the whole circuit three more times

Cool Down


Total Time: 30 minutes

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