Monday, 22 September 2014

5 Secrets To Achieving Your Fitness Goals

1. Set mini goals
Yes, we all want to lose weight/get a six pack/shrink our muffin tops/get rid of saddle bags/firm up our thighs and butt/say goodbye to the bingo wings..and we want to do it like yesterday! But if weight loss was that easy, everybody would be their ideal size. Staying motivated is hard work and it's easy to fall at the first hurdle. To stay on track, break down your big goal into bite sized ones. Rather than aiming for 5kgs aim for 10 sets of 500 grams. This way, you are constantly rewarded so you are less likely to give up in the long run. 


2. Reward yourself
This really works for me. Treat yourself to something nice every time you achieve one of your mini goals. Some great treat ideas are:
- massage or spa day
- new clothes
- mani/pedi
- lunch/dinner with friends
- new gym stuff
- put money aside each goal for a vacation at the end

whatever dude..I deserve new stuff

3. Get the proper gear
What you don't want to do is start the challenge then realise those training shoes you've had since high-tops were in (the first time!) are being held together by spit and a prayer. If you lose momentum, you lose your mojo so make sure you have everything in place. You don't have to look like a Nike advert, just make sure you have the essentials. Proper shoes, check. Sports bra, check.


4. Clean house!
Get rid of all the stuff you won't be eating during Rocktober. You may think you're strong, but as long as they're in the house, all they'll be doing is calling your name: 'eat me, just one little bite, nobody will know...'. 

not like this...

5. Make a plan 
Plan your workouts in advance. There's nothing worse than meandering aimlessly around the gym/park/house with no real plan. If possible, plan your meals in advance too.

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