Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Mombasa Diaries: Days 12-15: Holiday Products

It's a wrap. Party season is over! Thank goodness! I don't think my body could take any more. I haven't exercised a single day because it has been unbelievably, unbearably hot. I've eaten two salads and I've barely swam for trying to preserve my hair for nights out. Feeling blergh!

Over the next four days I swim every day without fail. My hair is in chunky twists which I cowash every evening, leave the conditioner in for about ten minutes, rinse, spritz, apply coconut oil and re-twist. I have to retwist because, as I'm washing, i undo each twist to make sure I really get all the chlorine rinsed out. My hair still feels dry but not as bad as last week. I'll attribute the improvement to the coconut oil as I'm no longer using any butters, milks or other oils as they simply weren't working. 

This was what I carried with me but in reality, the only things that really worked after all the swimming were the conditioner and the coconut oil - not pictured. My spritz was a mix of conditioner, jojoba, glycerine and water but I could have substituted the jojoba for coconut oil as it's liquid here so no worries about clogging my nozzle and I didn't really notice the impact of glycerine. My HoS milk lost the remoisturising battle and Shea Moisture barely left the starting gate; I think  Kakena's sealing properties really won out over SM here. I haven't shampooed as I've decided to wait until we get back to Nairobi. Unless I shampoo my hair every day, which would be too drying, there is really no point as I'm swimming every day. 

I know to travel light next time. 

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