Thursday, 16 January 2014

Chemical relaxer on a 3 year old and general jaw-dropping hateration...

Twice this week some cray cray conversations have started up over my baby's hair. What.Is.Happening. 

Conversation 1:
I was at church on Sunday and a lady comes up with her adorable toddler to talk to the lady I'm sitting with. I comment on how cute her hair is and she asks me how I get my daughter's hair so curly. Now, people generally glaze over if I do the whole natural hair spiel so I kept it simple and said I wash it with conditioner.  She said she didn't think her daughter's hair could do that and I asked her if it was curly when wet. When she said 'Yes' I responded that it was likely it would curl up too with co-washing and shingling (I didn't use those words, i just thought them in my head). Then she goes 'That's alright, I prefer the neat look'....

Conversation 2:
Today I was at the hospital with my sick bub (*sad face) and as I'm waiting at the cashier's, another mum comes up and we begin chatting.  She had a two month old in her hands and as I'm slobbering over her baby she asks me how I get my daughter's hair so curly. (see above response). She then tells me she hope her bub's hair doesn't curl up (blasphemy!) and if it does, she will put Beautiful Beginnings in it when she's 3 so it can be 'straight, smooth and lie flat'. It took me a minute. Coz I was trying to think what oil Beautiful Beginnings was #BeenOutOfTheCrackGameTooLong and then it hit me. I was appalled! Sorry if you do it, but I'm not sorry. I'm not the hair police; I never go around slamming crackettes or weavettes if you're a grown up. But putting harmful chemicals on your baby's scalp??Really??

just saying...

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  1. tell me about it, after watching what makes good hair a documentary by Chris Rock i was appalled that some parents would even consider putting relaxer on a baby's scalp, like what is wrong with people.

    waithera x