Monday, 13 January 2014

Mombasa Diaries: Day 11: New Year's Eve with Melissa

Since no swimming happened yesterday, my knot out is still hanging in there. Ok that's a lie. It's puffed up as hell. What I've now realised about coconut oil is that because it's so light, it just sort of disappears after a few days so even though my hair was drenched before, it's just got a nice sheen now. 

We're not going to bother going for any of the big beach parties tonight because they're always full of teeny boppers, far too expensive and always a bust. So we're keeping it local tonight. 

Which is where i meet a lovely young natural, Melissa.  At our local beach bar. Who'd have thunk it. I LOVE the way natural hair brings total strangers together. 

Melissa was WORKING her high puff. Even after days of camping and swimming with her hair open, it was still sooooo soft. Totally lush. I must have her on to tell us her secret. 

Happy Nappy Year lovelies!

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