Thursday, 9 January 2014

Curls R Us: Josephine is Ab Fab!

Hi, my name is Josephine and I live in Nairobi. I have been natural now for about one year and a bit. 

I think I am in the 3C hair type category (not that it matters to me...LOL). My curls are looser at the front and curlier at the back :-) 

At the beginning of my natural hair journey, I was obsessed with all things natural hair. I would devour the net and bother google heavily with my research items. I read lots of books on hair and watched countless youtube videos on all things natural hair. I became crazy with products and my stash grew at an alarming rate; I wanted to try everything! I was a product junkie for sure. Not anymore :-) Now that I know, what my hair likes, I stick with it. Once in a while I get the "experimentation bug" to try new things, but now I have a grip on things. 

My hair regimen is pretty laid back :-) I cowash 2 times a week and do a deep conditioning treatment every week (even when I feel lazy and want to roll into a ball on Saturday morning...LOL). My big wash day is Saturday, but I have now gotten into the habit of doing a prepoo of oils on Friday night  (mostly extra virgin olive oil in combination with Jamaican Black Castor Oil). I shampoo my hair with Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle shampoo. Then I slap on the DC treatment of the week (mostly homemade know, avocado, mayo, honey type thing :-) I stay with the DC for 30-45 min with my deep conditioning cap. I rinse the DC, apply a generous helping of Hello Hydration conditioner and start detangling my hair in 6 sections. After detangling, I rinse the hair then do an ACV rinse. I rinse it out and apply my leave in ( Tresemme Naturals) then styler ( Shea Moisture Curl Enhacing Smoothie) And we are done :-)

To remoisturize the hair during the week, I spritz my hair with some water and apply my shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie to seal the moisture. That's I either sleep on a satin scarf or with a satin bonnet depending on the 2nd day hair am after.

I am not one to do protective styling. I did box braids last month and I undid them after one and a half weeks!lol. I missed my hair too much. I thrive on wash and goes :-) I'm also challenged when it comes to styling; I'm not a creative in that area, either that or I'm super lazy to fold and pin and tuck my hair into some sort of style. I just leave my hair out and about. LoL. I'm learning though! My go-to smart hair style is the high puff with some form of accessory.

Since going natural, I feel like I have come into myself. I feel more confident and self assured. I speak up (and even out..LOL) for myself. I am now pursuing my dreams and feeling very empowered. I know I will never return to relaxers of texturizers or anything that will alter my curl pattern.

 I am so happy I have bonded with the hair that grows naturally out of my head. Just the way God intended :-)... I love my curly hair just the way it is, and wish I had gone natural sooner. *sigh* (giggles)

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  1. I like what you done with your hair. It's styled, natural, with appealing shapes.