Monday, 13 January 2014

Mombasa Diaries: Day 9: Pool Paaaartay!

I meant to wash off my coconut oil yesterday but I got soooo lazy so it's been on for almost two days now. 

I can't wash it off as I'm going for a pool-party today at the amazing Swahili Beach so I need to be looking equally amazing so nobody notices that I'm not actually getting into the pool. A couple of people we met last night tell us it's going to be a rave and I'm getting ready thinking 'What do people wear to raves?' 'Am I too old to be at a rave?' 'Am I going to have to fist pump?' 'Do I need a glow stick?'

Yeah..I'm fly...

Thankfully the info turns out to be false and we head off. My hair is a rather oily Bantu knot-out but it's the first time it has felt soft since we got here so I who cares? Not I!

Quick stopover at 40s

We turn up all decked out and find people actually swimming. Who does that?! The whole point of a pool party is to prance around in your cozzie sipping cocktails. Well, there's no way I'm getting my hair wet, I'm a black woman, innit! So we head to the bar for what turns out to be the Best. Party. Ever. 


  Notice the travelling flower... (mine now, muahahaha)

Dimly remember meeting some naturals at the after party...

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