Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Mombasa Diaries: Day 16: I'm Coming Home

Heading home today. The first holiday I've had that I am actually looking forward to going back because my Qhemet products have arrived and I can't wait to try them out!!! #hairnerd

thank you Laura!!
I try to wear a twist out for the flight but it didn't have enough time to dry after yesterday evening's co-wash so it is sooo puffy. I love how it looks buuut...it will be a tangled, dry, shrunken mess by the time I get home. Long journey ahead with The Child means I'm really not feeling the idea of leaving my hair open so, just before the taxi arrives, I loosely two strand twist my high puff and tuck the tuck the ends under for a simple updo, similar to my Christmas Day style.

5 hours later, we touch down in 254! haaaalleluyiah! As my bub would say 'is tired'. But not too tired for a late lunch in the afternoon sun. #heartNairobi

there's food on the table...honest

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