Sunday, 5 January 2014

Mombasa Diaries: Day 4: Ghee! 2

My nanny is here!!!!! Glory be etc etc! Seriously, holidaying sans nanny is not for the faint hearted. 

My sister leaves today too *sad face* but nanny's arrival means I can:
a) wash my hair PROPERLY, full detangling session and all and
b) finally try out the Ghee! *seal clap*

After dropping my sister off at the airport, I rush back for phase one of my hair day. It really is pretty sad how excited I am. I also kind of embarrassed about the Ghee! as both my nanny and husband are burning with curiosity about what it is so I wrap it in my sarong and head upstairs, whistling nonchalantly. Pretty slick. 

And here it is! 

Looks and smells a lot like melted butter (probably solid in cooler climes) so it's not too bad. 

I start with a full on detangling session which goes pretty badly. My hair is much more tangled than I thought, almost locked in some places, and I have to admit I read some reviews about the new Tresemme not having as much slip as before and I think I have to agree. The whole process isn't helped by not having any coconut oil (oh oil rinsing how I love thee!) so I finally decide to move on to phase two: to apply the ghee to help with the detangling. 


It really has no slip. None. So instead I wrap it up in cling film then a towel and go off to the pool to let it soak up. I don't think it has a strong smell, even after leaving it on a couple of hours in the baking sun. Never mind that my husband kept asking 'what's that smell'... I would actually have loved to do an overnight prepoo but I wasn't convinced I wouldn't wake up smelling like curdled milk so I opted for a short treatment. 

And finally the big unveil. Ok so my hair is pretty soft after I cowash it off. So much so that I will definitely plan a prepoo for a Nairobi night. I think most people use it as a prepoo and shampoo it off after and ordinarily, so would I as I wouldn't want to have my hair feel so greasy BUT as it has been battling the elements already, I opt for a gentler co-wash. I was also hoping that adding conditioner would help with detangling but it was still pretty rubbish in that department. 

In conclusion, I like it ... Buuuut I don't love it. I would try it again but I won't run out and buy a jumbo tub. It does make my hair soft and I think it probably works well as a prepoo but, then again, coconut oil does the same thing for me AND it is a great detangling aid so it wins there. 

Have any of you tried it? I'd love to hear your experience with it. 


  1. its intresting blog,thanks for post with us,i am waiting for some more intresting update soon

  2. I use a different brand of ghee and it works very well for detangling on my hair. When detangling on dry hair I spray a bit of water with a tad bit of glycerin and then add the ghee on top, it gets all my shed hairs out then I sleep overnight with it. On a regular day I just spray with a bit of glycerin and add the ghee on top and my hair is soft and smooth, guess different strokes