Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A Lazy Natural's Hair Regimen

I've been neither down, nor out. Just focused on my fitness, which I had started letting slide.

yes we do!
The result? I have streamlined my hair practices. Those who know me know I'm a product junkie. I believe the (marketing) hype. I'm always looking for the Holy Grail. I. Love. Stuff. Love it. But the last three months I've been trying to finish up or give away all the surplus products I've been hoarding. As a result, I've also worked out that I didn't need half the stuff I had. I think I've succeeded in trimming the fat, health wise and hair wise. My hair regimen is now quicker, simpler and easier than it ever was. Leaving me more time to focus on other things.


I apply coconut oil to dry hair then wash 12+ hours later with Terressentials Lavender Pure Earth Hair Wash. I do this when my scalp starts itching, which is about twice a month. I also water rinse every couple of days as I work out 5-6 times a week. Then I moisturise and go. 


I spritz my hair, apply a Qhemet moisturiser over and seal my ends with castor oil. I LOVE Qhemet moisturisers. Love love love. The Amla is fantastic but too heavy for everyday use so I save it for wash days or when my hair just feels super dry. On a daily/more regular basis, I use their Burdock Root Butter which would normally otherwise be too light for my hair. 

So what's in my spritz bottle?

yup..those are pH strips..my chemistry teacher would be shocked

Seems like a lot of stuff but really it isn't. Distilled water and ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) form the base of my spritz, with some jojoba and glycerin added in. I've been reading The Science Of Black Hair and it has rekindled my interest in the impact of pH on our hair so I recently begged borrowed stole got these pH strips to test my spritz. I now use a spray with a pH of approximately 4.5, which is 250ml water with 2 teaspoons of ACV. The jojoba and glycerin make no difference to the pH so I just add two teaspoons of each to the mix. 

Deep Conditioning 

I should do this weekly but I've got really lazy and only actually do it about once a month. I mix a tablespoon of Harvest of Sunshine with a few generous squirts of Tresemme Naturals, two to three tablespoons of coconut oil, wrap in cling film and sit under my Hair Therapy Heat Wrap for 30 minutes. 

Where's the Protein?

It is important to balance your hair's protein and moisture needs. Focusing on one to the detriment of the other will eventually lead to breakage. Protein treatments are recommended at least once a month, more if you have fine hair. I am totally guilty of not doing protein treatments but what I do do is use protein rich products on my hair every so often. Once a week or so I will use Shea Moisture's Curl & Style Milk instead of Qhemet to moisturise my hair as it has silk proteins. Alternatively, I lather on some Giovanni's Direct Leave-In, which is a protein conditioner. I also do regular henna treatments, which mimic protein treatments. 

Henna Gloss

Ok I lied. I don't do regular henna treatments. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. So this year I've done a henna gloss an average of once every three months. But I'm trying to work it back up to once a month. (Or once a week like when I was totally bonkers). I mix the henna with green tea then let it sit to make up the henna treatment. You can use it like this but I then mix that with coconut oil, Tresemme conditioner and some Harvest of Sunshine to make up the 'gloss' part. 

The best part about being a lazy natural is that you can mix up a whole batch of henna with tea or whatever and freeze it then the day you suddenly find yourself with a few spare minutes (read 8-12 hours) just take it out of the freezer, defrost it in the microwave at room temperature, add the oils and conditioners and use. 


I'm completely comb free now. It started as a three month challenge which was really hard because all I wanted to do was comb or brush my hair (the red button effect)...

photo credit: drawception.com
...but as soon as I stopped the challenge, the desire to comb my hair just disappeared. Finger detangling may seem to take a bit more time but in reality, it doesn't. Every time I take down a twist or a hairstyle, I work through the hair to remove the shed hair. Best done in front of the telly with a good series. In comparison, I used to set aside a time for combing (wet hair with conditioner) and I'd be tearing through my hair for an hour with a comb AND brush, resulting in a hair ball the size and appearance of a stray cat and a lot of frayed nerves (and ends).  Now, for an intensive detangling session, I'll get under the shower with some conditioner and detangle directly under the running water. Oil rinses with coconut oil work just as well so these are my two favourite methods. My shedding is much less in comparison.Last week I tried dry finger detangling. Never. Again. From now on wet detangling only. Always.  

shed hair after finger detangling session
The rest of the time my hair is in two flat twists or a high bun for a more dressed up look. East to put in, put up, take down and moisturise.

I woke up like this.. 
And there you have it. Natural hair care the lazy(ish) way.


  1. Detangling under the shower makes things soo easy. I always do that.

    I dry detangle as well. Just use enough oil/shea butter.

    I love the "begged borrowed stole". :-)

    And love the blog, as always. Welcome to the world of lazy naturals and buns. :-)


    1. Lol Nkirote I tried dry finger detangling coz of you!! HAHA. Disaster.

    2. Hehehe, it's a skill!
      No not really. It's just in its stretched form because of the bun, so it makes it easier :-)
      I'm shedding more though, because of breastfeeding I think. That's what I'm monitoring so that I can give you the post inclusive of breastfeeding experience.