Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly of Natural Hair

1. When you do a twist out and in your head it was going to turn out like this..

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...and instead it turns out like this..

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2. When your favourite product finally hits the shelves and you get to the supermarket to find it looking like this...

#naturalhairraid #snoozeyoulose

3. When you're caught in a sudden downpour and everyone's running around like this...

..and you're walking around like this..

what rain?

4. When you get home too drunk to do your hair so you leave it...

5. When you get home drunk but you decide to do your hair anyway...

6. I woke up like this..

..when really you woke up like this... to your sister...

7. The scarf chronicles...

8. When the one you're with knows you NEED that scarf..

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9...and when he doesn't..

to the left to the left

10. When someone trash talks your natural hair and you KNOW you look better than them you're like..