Saturday, 28 September 2013

Oil rinsing: The Hows and Whys

Whats all the buzz about oil rinsing??

I  have been having issues with dryness so I decided to try out oil-rinsing a couple of weeks ago after seeing it being suggested on a Facebook group. 

Although I am acting like this is a new discovery, I actually first tried it last year, when I started out on my healthy hair journey, and it was an epic FAIL! I don't remember how I did it or what oil I used on my hair but I do remember how greasy it left my hair, with no seeming benefit.  I probably did it wrong and that was at a time when I was experimenting with different oils but, nonetheless, it was shelved in the never-to-be-attempted-again pile.

Thankfully, I have a short memory and I'm an eternal optimist so, a year down the line, I found myself in the bathroom with a warmed up bottle of coconut oil, ready for round two.

The first time I tried it, I was doing a henna gloss.  My hair loves henna; it feels gorgeously thick after. However, I suffer from dryness and coarseness for the week after, despite the fact that I always do a moisture DC after my gloss.  It could be that my DC just isn't very effective (see my Creme of Nature post) but either way, this was going to be a a real test for the oil rinse.

How to:

After co-washing off the henna:

  • I sectioned my hair into eight twists then applied the oil to each twist, working it through from root to tip, making sure each strand was coated. I then re-twisted and moved on to the next section.  For ease of application, I used a bottle with a nozzle. I used about two thirds of my bottle of coconut oil (about 90 ml) but you can use any oil your hair likes.
Coconut oil and bottles with nozzles repurposed for use on my hair :)

  • For those who finger-detangle, this is a fantastic opportunity to remove shed hair.  Working the oil through your hair with your fingers helps you feel out any tangles and smooth out any knots.  
  • Once I finished all the twists, I re-applied my co-wash conditioner then, working in sections, rinsed off the oil.  The conditioner helps remove the bulk of the oil but it is also helpful  to do this under running water as the downward motion of the water helps further smooth the hair strands.  I used my fingers here to do a further quick detangle.  
  • I spritzed, sealed and styled as usual.  

Even as you're doing this, you will be amazed at how soft and smooth your hair feels. I hate repeating the word smooth over and over but seriously, that is exactly how my hair felt. For someone with kinks, this is not a feeling I get often, if at all. You might think your hair will feel oily after this but this was not at all the case.  It felt soft, light and fluffy.

If only pictures were sensory...soft hair!

A lot of sites recommend doing this after shampooing but I have tried it twice after co-washing and both times the results have been amazing.

Why oil rinse?:
Because it coats the hair with a light layer of oil, it helps with:
- moisture retention
- keeping hair feeling soft and smooth, which in turn prevents frizz
- detangling
- adding shine

Two of my friends have since tried it and both have given rave reviews.  If you haven't done an oil-rinse yet, you should. It is the!

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