Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Curls R Us! Ciru is Ab Fab!

My name is Ciru Barry, I'm the Director of Nairobi Pretty School and I have been natural 3 years.

I remember the day I had had enough of my hair as it was. My now husband and I had gone on a fantastic holiday to the Caribbean and, seeing that maintaining my hair for that period of time was going to be a big deal, I bought a wig. Biggest mistake!  The thing shed all the time and was a nightmare to maintain.  Worst of all, I couldn't put my head in the water when we went to the beach!  The poor man, I wonder what he thought.

The dreaded holiday Wig 

For years before that, I lived in braids, then graduated to weaves. When I got tired of those, too, I relaxed my hair, which ended up costing a crazy amount of money as it grew quickly and I constantly had to get it redone..all this time I worked in the Middle east.

Right about the time we went on holiday, I started seeing all these blogs and Facebook pages on natural hair and the big chop took me a while to brave up to the idea, especially because I didn't know how the Mr. would feel about it.

Eventually, though, D day arrived - May 17th 2011.

On May 16th, after our holiday, Mr. Man got on his plane to go back to work. I was back home and I remember waking up at about 6.30 a.m, going to the loo with a pair of scissors, and giving myself the big chop!! Much to the amusement of my Welsh flat mate,work colleagues and clients.

That evening, I slapped some make up on and took a selfie for my Facebook page, pretty much for my Mister's benefit.... "hey it's done". Needless to say, he loves it (not that he has a choice).

Big Chop Day - THE facebook pic

I am extremely laid back when it comes to regimen. I think it's because I have a lot of hair,soft and easy to deal with plus, to be fair, I haven't got the patience for it...

Hair Texture

I co-wash every morning, put in a leave in conditioner and coconut or almond oil and out I go. I don't remember the last time I put a comb to it.

I recently shaved the sides of my head and the back just because I got bored of constantly pinning it up. I have since been in protective styling, especially If I'm traveling to a cold climate and don't fancy catching a cold as my hair dries slowly. 

Sides just shaved

Protective Styling 

Last year, the Mr and I got hitched and I remember being asked what I was going to do with it. The biggest thing for me was not showing up to Church looking like a complete stranger. So the morning of, I woke up, put in an olive oil treatment and a conditioner and got my shower cap on for an hour. Afterwards, I washed it off, put in a leave in and oil, pinned the sides, put on my veil and war paint and went to my party. I will always remain very happy with that decision. 

I sometimes want to put in a weave just because I saw it on someone and it looked amazing but I haven't been overwhelmed yet. I probably will, just to get it out of my system, and then I'll be back to my fro.

I remember once having a conversation with one of my sister's who is also now natural,talking about the impression she wanted to give her daughter. She didn't want her to think that she needs to have long wavy relaxed hair to fit in or look beautiful and that is exactly what I want for my future little terrors.  Plus they're better off spending their pocket money on pretty shoes and movies.