Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Beast Mode!

That's how I felt this morning. 

The irony of being a personal trainer is that, after a day spent training other people, it is very hard to find the motivation to train yourself. Like with any job, you just want to go home and veg on the sofa with a glass of wine. 

I've been a die-hard gym rat for as long as I can remember. But since my August holiday, it's been more like Die Hard...Another Day. Every day I promise to return and every day I have a reason why I shouldn't, couldn't, wouldn't. 

So today, despite the odds being against me (forgot wallet at home, broke car key in lock), I made it. I even decided to trudge jog to and from the gym to get my cardio out of the way. In this heat, madness. But I did it and now I feel wonderful. Good old endorphins. 

I am adding another thing to my personal challenge. Weight train five times a week for the next 3 months. It's on like Donkey Kong!

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