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Five Simple Steps To Grow Back Your Hairline

Naomi Campbell
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One of the most common question I'm asked is how to help a damaged hairline recover.  First and foremost, it is important to understand why you are losing your hairline. Once you have identified the problem, there are five simple steps you can take to stop further damage and set your hairline on the road to recovery.

1. Stop pulling your hair out
Understandably, we are obsessed with the hair that frames our face as our face is generally the first thing someone see when they look at you  (unless you have some fierce shoes on!). As a result, we are constantly manipulating our hairlines to look neat
  • Always handle your hairline gently!
  • Stop brushing; instead, use your fingers or a scarf to smooth down your edges.
  • If you must wear braids or weaves, find a hairdresser with 'soft' hands who wont pull and won't try to braid up every single tiny hair. If you see white bulbs where your hair is growing out of your scalp, they have pulled too tight and you should undo your hairstyle immediately. 
  • Make sure a professional removes any glued on styles like lace-front wigs and weaves.
  • Take down braids, particularly microbraids, using your fingers rather than a pick; add conditioner and/or oil first to soften the hair and provide slip.
  • Don't leave hairstyles that put tension on your hairline in too long. 
2. Moisturise your hair DAILY
Yes, even the little, tiny hairs along your hairline. It is so easy to forget these when you are concentrating on your ends but remember that these little hairs have ends too. 
  • You don't need fancy products, simply apply water or a leave-in conditioner then an oil over to help seal in the moisture. It is important to use a natural oil, particularly as you will undoubtedly get some on your scalp in the process.
  • Although it is said that rubbing castor oil into your hairline twice daily helps your hairline grow back, it is more actually the action of massaging that increases blood flow to the area, encouraging your hair to grow. 
3. Condition, condition, condition
The hair around your hairline is no different to the rest of the hair and will respond well to being treated well. Regularly conditioning and deep conditioning keeps your hair nourished and strengthened from the inside. Strong, supple hair not only feels soft but is also less prone to damage. Don't forget to do protein treatments too. 

4. Protect your hairline
We know all about protecting our ends and protective styling. The same principle applies to protecting your hairline. The less you subject those fragile hairs to manipulation and the elements the more likely they are to recover.
  • Prevent the little hairs from rubbing on things by protecting them with a non-cotton scarf, whether you are going to bed or lolling around on the sofa. If you wear cotton head wraps, wrap your hair in a satin or silk scarf underneath it. 
  • As long as you are gentle, you can protective style your hairline to prevent Hand in Hairline syndrome i.e, constantly fiddling, pulling, smoothing and touching your hairline. Cornrows along the hairlines are a great way to do this. 
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5. Eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water
Don't underestimate the important role our diet plays in the healthy of our hair (and skin, and nails and life in general...). Eat a rainbow: as many different coloured fruit and veg as possible. Eat whole grains and foods rich in good fats. Eat lean protein and drink lots of water. Your hair will thank you.

We are an instant gratification society but no amount of applying product or examining your hairline will help it grow faster. Try taking pictures monthly so you can monitor your growth.  It may take a while to fill in completely but if you follow the above steps diligently, you should start to see some new growth very quickly.

If your follicles are damaged, they can no longer grow any hairs and sadly, this is irreversible. It is not an exact science but, if after a few months of following the above steps yet all you have is a smooth scalp, it is likely that the follicles in that area are permanently damaged. 


  1. I almost had a tissue moment at "remember that these little hairs have ends too." :-)

  2. I need to moisturise my hair daily and protect my hairline. Thanks for all the tips.

  3. Thank you so much for your article. One thing I want to note though is that I participated on a Jamaican black castor oil 5 months challenge and my hairline was smooth for months and then the 4th month I started spouting hair. This is after years of no hairline due to weaves!

    1. Interesting. Ive heard loads of claims about JBCOs hair regenrating capabilities but none first hand. I am a HUGE sceptic when it comes to specific products being touted as miracle products but i'm glad it worked for you. If i was diligent enough, I may have tried it myself.