Thursday, 31 October 2013

Meet My New Guest Blogger, JC Niala: Aches & Pains? Health & Nutrition?You have questions? She has the answers.

When I started putting up health and fitness posts, I didn't realise they would be as popular as they are. I started getting questions from readers so I thought, why not have someone come on who can share her wealth of knowledge about health with us? 

It is my great pleasure to introduce a good friend, fellow natural and fitness enthusiast, JC Niala. Or, as I like to call her The Fixer. 


JC Niala helps dozens of people every week become pain free, relieve stress and improve their health through her integrated natural healthcare practice. She is a UK trained Osteopath and Naturopath with over 15 years of practice experience. Practical health tips can be found on her


  1. Looking forward to your posts JC:-)

  2. I only just had my first session with Ms. JC today and it was an interesting and educative experience. We're in good hands.