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Kinks R Us: Suzanne is Ab Fab!

My name is Suzanne Wachu Wanjaria and I am a hair addict. I am an interior designer and love crafting and DIY projects. I want to start knitting, just as social experiment to see how people respond to someone knitting in public places, matatus, coffee shop etc.

Going Natural
I was natural all through school and uni then, in 2009, my hairdresser told me that relaxed hair was easier to take care of, she told me about heat damage from blow-dryers and I bought her story. I walked out of the salon feeling so sad, my new hair was shiny yes, but it was also limp and oh so thin.

Before Relaxerheat damaged yes..but thick and lush      

Through Google, I discovered ladies like Nadege of Relaxed Hair Health Blog and Traycee of KISS and through these and other blogs, I developed a healthy regimen for my relaxed tresses.  My hair flourished and got long and thicker but I really missed my BIG, THICK hair.

In 2011, I realised that every time I did a search for hair, I found more and more blogs focused on natural hair care; when I discovered Kurly Kichana and Ess Kay’s Curly Natural Me….I knew that I wanted my natural hair back. My last re-touch was in August 2011 and I big chopped early December 2011.

Last Touch Up August 2011

Being a newbie natural was HARDI had read up so much so I kept trying just about everything. Between ‘scab hair', information overload, product overload, product junkeism and missing my length, I was a mess. I put my hair in braids and that was the trend for the next six months. One protective style after the other; but I was taking great care of the hair underneath and it was growing long and healthy. The trouble was, I didn't feel truly natural because only my hairdresser and I ever saw my real hair. :-(

Protective Styling

December 2012, I attended the Kurly Kichana Meet-up met a lot of beautiful naturals wearing their hair out and soon after, I joined Tricia’s Naturals Facebook group, discovering a huge Kenyan natural community. I found the courage and the confidence to wear my hair out from this group. And I haven’t turned back ever since.

Hair type and what works best for my texture

I have 4b/C hair, it is rather dense in the middle but the edges are sparse. My strands are mostly medium to thick. The front part of my hair is coloured.  I had high porosity but, thanks to steam treatments, I now have normal porosity (I think)….. :-). I am currently obsessed with tapered cuts.

Balancing moisture and protein, avoiding product build up and low manipulation is what works best for my texture.

My current hair care regimen..

Braid Out

I tend to switch up my regimen a lot. But lately I seem to have found what works.

This is my weekly wash/co-wash which is rather intense but, after this, I do not need to re-moisturise or do anything to the fro till the next wash day.

The Process
Separate hair in six sections,
Spritz lightly with a mix of oil (olive and grape seed) and water
Finger detangle
Apply more oil
Twist, cover with shower cap for 20-30 mins

For deep cleansing, I add bicarbonate of soda to my conditioner; otherwise, I just co-wash…I use Tresemme Naturals, Suave Naturals and Hello Hydration as my conditioners of choice

Protein Treatment
apply Motions Replenishing Treatment on the hair, wait for 3 minutes rinse it out. This product has amazing slip and is just enough protein for every wash day.

Deep Conditioning
DIY mix; raw shea butter, ghee, conditioner, honey, olive oil
I put on the treatment then I MUST sit under a dryer or steamer for 30 mins

Steam treatments have single handedly transformed my hair; I couldn't do without them.

ACV Rinse
Ratio of 1:3: this adds sheen and, more importantly, seals the cuticle and balances the PH.

I use Tresseme Conditioner as leave in; follow up with grape seed or olive oil and finally a whipped shea butter mix.

I use lots of different products as stylers but my favourite still remains pink Ecostyler Gel. Perfect for my slicked back styles and twist outs.

I had a nasty experience with Henna and I will not be using it anytime soon on this fro.

I love scalp massages and GHE for my hair.

Protective Styling
My hair flourishes on low manipulation, therefore protective styles are a must for me. And I love them all, wigs, weaves, cornrows, braids.... everything and anything goes. I keep my hair nourished with daily spritzes and regular co-washing even when in these styles.

What makes me love my kinks, curls and coils?
I love that they're so different every day. Sometimes it's annoying, I go to bed thinking I’ll look a certain way the next day….sometimes I do, most times I don’t. But I just go with the fro ;)

….. I love how I can experiment SO much and come up with something unique and beautiful in so many different ways. I love the confidence my hair has given me. Whether it is wild and free, or slicked back with the waves popping - it's like I take on a whole new persona.
My SO (significant other) and family love my natural hair too.
I have a whole new world of natural sistahs!
What's not to love?

4 Days 4 Ways

How versatile is this?!

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  1. Needless to say, you look gorgeous in every photo Wachu. Your creativity inspires me everyday:-)