Monday, 13 October 2014

I Did An Ethiopian Butter Treatment And I Loved It!

By Wambui JL of

If you're squeamish about fine tooth combs, sulphate laden shampoos, silicon gels, mineral oil, brushing of wet hair and excess heat on your hair...kindly look away.

I've heard about Ethiopian Butter treatments and how wonderful they are for natural hair. I mean it has to be good because I am yet to see limp, dry, sparse Ethiopian hair (though I hear they volumize with weaves). So when my friend told me about this place that does it (affordably), I thought it would be a good treat for my 6-month, DC-starved hair.

I rocked up, was cordially invited in and. because my hair was already clean, she immediately applied some cream coloured gunk of oil that smelled of fermented milk or butter. I asked her if this was ghee and she said that it's the first butter you get after you curdle milk. The ghee in supermarkets is over processed. I was sold...that's natural as natural gets. She also applied some on my face, after spotting my acne scars. 

A few minutes later I was under the steamer wiping oil from my eyes. However, once done, my hair & face felt like butter (pun intended).

Thereafter, things went south.
We went to the wash area where I couldn't spot a single familiar product (note to self, next time come with your own products). Miadi Neutralizing Shampoo was applied 3 times (goodbye natural butter goodness) then Infusium Pro 23 (which was the only natural friendly product) was generously smothered before the sudden appearance of the brush. If there were any Single Strand knots hidden in the recesses of my hair...they are no more.

Back at the salon chair and a container of mineral oil laden stuff was applied and the fine tooth comb and brush were used, again, to make my hair roller-friendly. Then under the drier I went. In hindsight I might prefer drier over blow-dry; but natural drying is best of all.

roller set

The rollers were removed and flat ironing started. But before straightening each set she applied Royal Silicon Polisher. Let us pray... Dear Lord, Forgive me for what has been done and applied to my hair. May we be able to restore moisture and health back a.s.a.p. Amen.

flat ironing

In the two hours I was there, 6 Ethiopian ladies walked in for the same treatment and the hairdresser mentioned that in rural Ethiopia, this butter is all they have. I think if I can access the butter and experiment with the order of the method (like shampoo, DC with butter, steam, co-wash, ACV rinse then dry naturally) and use good natural hair products...I might be on to something good for my hair. Now to find a butter supplier.

Meanwhile, for the sake of debate and understanding...shouldn't this be called a protein hot oil treatment? Considering it's milk based? Or does the butter/oil removal process from milk reduce the protein content?

et voila!

Contact: Orange 0721562367, Habesha Salon in the Shopping Complex Opposite Uchumi Suna Road (The one that leads to Toi from Ngong Road)


  1. Thankyou for hosting my review

  2. oh wow... where is this? I think I may be in the mood to try too... though I think the hairdresser would have a had time with my hair since I am in the awkward length twa hair...

    end result of the butter on face?? I also have acne scars..

  3. The results were totally worth it me thinks. :-)

  4. Nice article :) Will visit the salon for some styling ... how much dies the treatment cost?

  5. Hahaha. When things went south... My eyes widened, as I suppose yours did when you saw the brush.
    So have you found a butter supplier yet?