Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Fro's 2 Year Anniversary!

I'm taking some liberties here because I don't actually remember exactly when I went natural. I know it was around now-ish so I've adopted the 1st October as my hairversary.

February 2012
What Has Changed

- I now use protein. When I first went natural, I followed a popular blogger's advice on not using protein unless you had colour or used heat so I avoided it like the plague. Well, turns out that wasn't entirely true. My fine hair benefits greatly from the strengthening quality of protein.

- I no longer comb my hair. During my first year, I combed, brushed and brushed again. My poor, poor hair. I shudder to think of all the damage and breakage to my hair from my rough handling.

- I wear my hair out less often. Mostly because I've got lazier. I used to LIVE in twist outs, now I live in twists.
- I henna! I used to have a million reasons why not to henna. I didn't want maroon hair (don't ask). I didn't want dry hair. I didn't want coarse hair....etc etc. Now I can't stop going on about how wonderful it is.

What Remained The Same

- I'm still a product junkie. I can't help it. I love stuff! However, I'm much more discerning about ingredients now. Then, I just used whatever everyone else was but now, what's in it matters.

 - I don't use heat. Never have, never will! At least not in the near future. I don't feel I need to since I don't do length checks and I don't like wearing my hair fully stretched. 

What Needs Work

- Trims. I've had only two major trims in two years. My first big trim was in April 2013 and the hairdresser took off 2 inches of, no doubt, damaged hair but still.. The second big trim was at the end of August 2014 where I trimmed my mini twists myself and cut between 1-3 inches of thin ends. The second trim was much easier to do and has left me itching to take off more. I suspect my hair wasn't in the best shape after a terrible transition and a first year full of experimentation so I am planning to gradually take off another couple of inches. My aim for my third year natural is to trim more regularly.

- DCs - I'm terrible at them. Yeah, I know. I do them but not consistently. My plan from now on is to do them every single week without fail, alternating protein and moisture as needed.

September 2014 (looks exactly the same! lmao!)


  1. Oh wow! You look so gorgeous. We'll I've definitely learned a lot from you even though I'm a locstar so I'm very grateful that you embraced your natural hair and that you decided to share your journey with the world! Happy Nappiversary! ;D

  2. It could be two years but you actually look younger. There is something that you are doing right definitely and I want it. :)

  3. I am a newbie at this and I am quite glad I stumbled upon your blog. So much to learn from it and writing about the mistakes you made helps those of us who are going about doing the same stuff. No more brushing for me :-)