Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Loving My Mini-twists!!

I was washing off a henna gloss late yesterday afternoon wondering what to do with my hair when I remembered a naptural85 video on her installing mini twists. If you know me, you'll also know how lazy I am when it comes to my hair. It's usually in two flat twists or large two strand twists during the week and a high bun during the weekend. If it's open at all. So mini twists were the last thing I was considering; it took naptural85 four or five days! 

But talk about subliminal messaging! I found myself twisting the first few with a sinking heart. And once I was started, there was no turning back. 7 hours later...  (in between mummy duties) et voila! 

blurry pic hides the red, tired eyes well :)

I was worried they would look sparse because my hair is medium density but they look fine. I really like them actually! For that amount of work though, they better last a whole damn month! Although, because my hair gets fuzzy quickly, I'm pretty sure in a week everyone will ask me if I have locs. And in two weeks they'll ask me if I'm a natty dread. #4CHairProblems

Day 1: 
Roll, tuck and pin. This took me all of 5 minutes. Simple, easy and protective as the ends are tucked away. I love it. 

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  1. Love them!!! :) and of course I'm LoL'ing at the "natty dread" prospect ;)