Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Harvest of Sunshine Giveaway!

This week, from the makers of some of my favourite products, we have three Harvest of Sunshine butters to give away to three lucky readers! Yup, free stuff!

To win one of the butters, please like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter then leave a comment below saying which butter you would like and why. Include an interesting anecdote about your natural hair journey for a better chance at winning.

The competition closes at 6pm Kenyan Time (GMT +3) on Tuesday the 18th February. Winners will be announced on Wednesday the 19th February. 

Kakena's Coconut Hair Milk

Kakena's Coconut Milk is a light, water based moisturiser that doubles up as a styler. It contains coconut oil which nourishes your hair from the inside out and is enriched with silk protein to leave your hair feeling silky. Light enough for daily use, this milk is ideal for fine haired naturals as it doesn't weigh down your hair and the protein helps strengthen fragile strands. This is a firm favourite of mine which I discovered when my Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk ran out.

Sunshine Hair & Body Butter
If your hair loves Shea Butter, then this is the butter for you! A fragrant whipped butter, Sunshine Hair & Body Butter contains glycerine and a mix of oils, nourishing not only your hair but also your skin, keeping both soft and moisturised all day long. This thick, rich butter works well as a sealant for all hair types. A little goes a long way.

Zee Zee's Twist & Curl Butter
Zee Zee's is a creamy styler, rich in oils like olive, baobab and jojoba and is ideal for those who want a butter that moisturises and provides great hold all in one tub. This is perfect for those looking for definition in their twist and braid outs without the crunch of gel. I mix it into my homemade moisture DC for extra conditioning.

Enter now to win!


  1. If I said I want to quit my day job and just play in my hair would you believe me?

  2. Done!! I would like to have the Zee Zee's Twist and Curl Butter. Ever the curl chaser that I am, I could use some new product and also I am FINALLY at the point where I can whip my WET (only works on wet hair) hair back and forth so Zee Zee's would be incentive to try a wash and go. PLEASE

  3. My natural hair was called many things as I grew up - "natural helmet", "best place to hide stuff in" - The only way my Mum knew how to deal with it was to put a comb in right at the bottom, then snip everything above the comb! So I permed it for about 10yrs. Now I've been a naturalista for 1.5yrs, loving my growing locks. My hair still works as a topic of conversation. In lifts, all dressed up for work "Who is your employer?" (Said in the horrified tone of "who is your mother?") I'm still learning, though, so please tell me which of the three would be best for me! :)

    1. LOL!!! @ who is your employer. People have no boundaries.
      What products does your hair like right now?

  4. I forgot to mention that I would love the Sunshine Hair & Body Butter.....:-) :-)

  5. One very hot afternoon, home alone, bored. I decide to drag myself to Mama Bob's kiosk next door to buy a soda. My hair was all over the place then Mama Bob proceeds with an odd conversation starter "Bui, you have a natural umbrella to shade you from the sun!". Aaah! Mama Bob....

    Harvest of Sunshine goodies, crossing my fingers for the ZeeZee. Why? I could use with a natural stong hold for my twists.

  6. Food for the stomach can be food for the hair and vice versa is my hair philosophy. Making yoghurt and fruit smoothies, I always leave some, add a few oils and use it to DC my hair. As I use EVCO for the hair, I set aside some for oil pulling. I also find coconut oil so yummy so I usually have a tablespoon once in a while. Using EVOO for the hair, why not use some for salad dressing and also for cooking.

    On that note my hair looooves all things coconut. So I know Kakena's Coconut Hair Milk would make my hair happier :-)

  7. Hey NIna...kindly let us know where we can locally get the harvest of sunshine butters...cant find them on Facebook?...contacts perhaps?..thanks :)