Monday, 10 February 2014

Product Review: Tangle Teezer Detangling Brush

I bought this brush some time last year after reading reader reviews about how it melts away tangles. I got it for my daughter as her hair is TANGLE city with a capital T. So any description that has melting and tangles in the same sentence and I'm on it like brown on rice #gerrit?

Another professional detangling brush from the UK (The Denman Brush is also proudly British), it's a kidney-shaped, palm sized brush with numerous short, stiff bristles. I bought the Original Mandarin Sweetie which is orange and yellow but it comes in a variety of other colours and styles. The brush is completely plastic, has no handle and is actually much larger than I expected but it still fits snugly in your hand. 

When I first used this, my daughter's hair was pretty short at the time so I couldn't really brush it without running the brush along her scalp. It has short bristles that aren't particularly hard but can feel a little scratchy and I guess she didn't like the sensation. So we had to bin that idea pretty quickly.

Ever the optimist, I tried it on my own hair; because of the short bristles, it was very awkward to use on my hair without making tiny sections, which meant the whole thing took ages. It did feel like it was catching and pulling at my strands and although there was less hair left on it than on my Denman, I did notice  that their were some broken strands as well as shed hair.  I didn't enjoy the experience and the brush was relegated to my deepest, darkest drawer. 

Fast forward to last week...

For the last few weeks, my daughter has been going through what I can only hope assume is a developmental stage. She wants to pick out her own shoes, hates being dressed (yesterday she completely refused to wear clothes so walked around all day in a hooded towel and a party hat) and will not let anyone touch her hair.  

And that last bit is the most worrisome. We've been Curly Girling her hair every day, sometimes twice a day, for the last year and it has always been very easy. No tears, no fights, nothing. So this new found independent streak has left her looking like a forest dweller. 

The other day we were engaged in our (now regular) bath time hair wars when I remembered the tangle teezer. I have no idea why but I was desperate so I went to get it and, armed with that and some Kinky Kurly Knot Today, I set to work. It was like a miracle. The tangles brushed out so easily that she didn't even notice I was doing her hair until we were done. I had to take a video (which was very very hard to do with only two hands!). We've been using it ever since for bath time and it is absolutely incredible. We spend half the time detangling as we did with a wide tooth comb and we get out all the tangles with no breakage. 

I think this brush wont suit every hair type. It probably works well for straight or curly hair but those with tighter curls or kinky hair may experience some breakage. I think there is a technique to using it; I found it easier to place the hair on my palm and brush it that way but perhaps with longer hair you can just brush hair directly. 

Would I buy it again?:
Definitely, but not for my hair type.

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