Tuesday, 3 February 2015

5 Practices You Should Incorporate For Healthier Hair in 2015!

Happy New Year!!! 

She says. On the 29th of jan....

What the... now it's the 3rd of Feb! Hahahaha! Anywho, better late than never.

Been having a serious case of the blogging-lazies but I have been on my page lots plus I've been fine-tuning my hair regimen. 

I've been doing this natural hair thing for minute now but there are still areas I know need work. Moisture and length retention have been my focus in the last few months and I've been experimenting with a new regimen and these are the things I have decided to prioritise this year:

1. Weekly DCs


I have the driest hair. Fact. I think the missing link has been my DCs, or lack of. I used to DC on average once a month. Often less. And it was a homemade DC which I don't believe work as well as store bought ones. So I decided to just suck it up and buy some moisture and protein DCs and will be posting reviews soon. DC's are really important for giving your hair a deep penetrating moisture and strength boost and I really feel I have started seeing a difference since I started doing them diligently.

2. Using Heat


Heat enhances your DCs by lifting the cuticles, allowing for better penetration. Most store bought DCs encourage the use of heat so, although I have a microwaveable heat cap, on my to acquire* list are:

- Soft Hood dryer: I've heard some mixed reviews but this is first on my list coz, um, it's cheap. :) And easily available.
- Q-Redew Hand Held Steamer
- Huetiful Portable Hair (and face) Steamer

*gifts will be accepted....

Please note these are not at all necessary, I just like buying stuff. I found this DIY heat cap on BGLH and it works really nicely. Watch out for hot-water-drippies though. Super ouchy. Alternatively, pop into your local salon for a steam treatment.

3. Monthly Shampoo


In the past I was naughty about shampooing because I would never remember to prepoo and so would end up mostly clay washing instead. Clay washing is great but not as effective at removing buildup so I am pledging to shampoo my hair once a month to keep my scalp clean and my hair free of buildup. This should, hopefully, enhance growth and reduce any dryness and breakage.

4. Henna, Henna, Henna


It's no secret how much I love henna but it is rather a process so I had slowed down my henna applications to once every few months. Not helped by the henna shortage we're still enduring. But now henna is firmly scheduled for once every 4-6 weeks. Why henna? It strengthens your hair boo.

5. Drink More..


...water, that is. (booo!)

We've all heard we need 8 glasses of water a day but how many of us are actually drinking that many? Apart from important stuff like needing water to live and for our vital organs to function yadda yadda, drinking water is soooo good for keeping your hair and skin moisturised from within, flushing out toxins (which also gives you great skin) and keeping you slimmer that I'm really ashamed to say how horrible I am at getting in my recommended daily intake. But this year! I will not let you down Plant Nanny. You will not die, precious, virtual plants. (get the app, it's great fun. and free..)

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    Great post; totally agree; especially henna.