Friday, 7 November 2014

Fierce Fridays!!


night-time matutas :)

Name: Monica Kaburu

Age: 41

Hometown: Palermo - Sicily

Favourite Item Of Clothing: Scarves of all sorts, sandals and ethnic jewellery

Can't Live Without: My three special little kids, What would my life be without them? So empty! They give a sense to my life and to all my sacrifices. Everything is worth it.

Country I Most Want to Visit: In addition to going back to Kenya as many times as possible, a tour of Central and South America would be great!

Style Icon: All those ladies around the world who work for women's rights and fight against oppression. Their style is in their character, in their personality, and in the work they put into what they believe. From the famous faces to the common woman on the street; from Isabel Allende to Rigoberta Menchu. From Mother Teresa of Calcutta to Tracy Chapman.

Hair Tip: My Hair represents my mood. In my natural look, I find the grit and determination to face life with strength, energy and intensity. I feel authentic, genuine and original. I feel self-confident.  I am myself!

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  1. She's gorgeous and her hair makes me feel a whole load of #AfroEnvy! :-)