Saturday, 28 December 2013

Mombasa Diaries: Day 3

It's my sister's last day so we are determined to make the most out of today.

We have a busy day of swimming and lounging around by the pool interspersed with some childcare (the husband is sheepishly attentive after extending the birthday pass for an extra day so childcare on my part is minimal). I soak my hair and spritz it liberally with my oil/conditioner mix (adapted this morning
for coastal conditions by adding glycerine and more oil). I even spritz my sister's weave, bun it and scarf it and it looks super cute if I must say so myself. 

Mombasa Diaries: Day 2: Ghee!

It's my husband's birthday so he gets the do-nothing-all-day pass. (Not technically gender specific but really it should be called the daddy pass. Coz mummy never takes her controlling eye off the ball.) Which means it's up to Lil' ol' me (accompanied by my sister) to make a trip to the supermarket to stock up so, Bantu knots and all, Child, Sister and I set off to the shops. 

The heat is unbearable.  We are meeeeeltiiiiiing. Possibly because of that plus the blazing sun plus mild dehydratrion, my hair is absolutely parched and feels so brittle so I decide to take drastic measures and buy some ghee! (Such a joyful word. Ghee!).  

Mombasa Diaries: Day 1: The Holidays are here!

It's my second holiday at the coast as a 'healthy' natural. I'm a little older and a little wiser (at the hair game at least) so I've decided to document how my hair handles two weeks of sand, sea and surf. 

Night before: I've been wearing a Bantu knot-out for two weeks now. I can't normally pull it off that long but I've been retwisting every so often with Kakena's Hair Milk and it has held really really well. (Unfortunately I didn't have the presence of mind to take a good hair pic so I'm posting a gratuitous fun-times pic.)

Party over here!

Friday, 27 December 2013

Hot New LOCAL product review: Kakena's Coconut Hair Milk

*sneaks back into the room and clears throat*


It's been a while. A loooooong while. So long I'm actually afraid to check when my last post was. Like I've said before, I hate change. I'm a creature of habit. So the amount of change I've had to endure over the last few months sent me scurrying for cover. I'm only just emerging because I'm on holiday. In familiar settings. And feeling at peace with the world again. 

So why not start with a bang. A FANTASTIC new product that I've been dying to review. And best of all, it's locally made. We all know the headache (and wallet-ache) involved in trying to obtain foreign products. I should know. I've been trying to buy Qhemet Biologics products for the last three months. Maybe longer. And it's not that my source, Aunaturelle, isn't reliable. I get a lot of my hair products off her and she's fantastic. But shipping in bulk from the US is a task. Getting through customs is a task. Everything is a task. Hence the wait and, often, hence the prices too.