Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Denman hits Nakumatt Shelves!

Nakumatt how much do I love thee!!


Just been to Nakumatt Karen and look what they have! That's a whole display of Denman stuff; brushes, hair bands without the metal bits, hairpins, barrettes, name it. Super sad because I just bought a bunch of the same exact things from Mimosa pharmacy in the same bloody mall for more than Nakumatt are charging! Sigh. Live and learn. Anyway, better get your stuff while stocks last. 

PS: Nakumatt and Denman suppliers... feel free to buy some ad space,  you're welcome. 

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  1. :-) I just had my first meet with Kate of and I am sooo excited I now know where to get of of the basic tools. Thank you MBFA