Saturday, 28 December 2013

Mombasa Diaries: Day 2: Ghee!

It's my husband's birthday so he gets the do-nothing-all-day pass. (Not technically gender specific but really it should be called the daddy pass. Coz mummy never takes her controlling eye off the ball.) Which means it's up to Lil' ol' me (accompanied by my sister) to make a trip to the supermarket to stock up so, Bantu knots and all, Child, Sister and I set off to the shops. 

The heat is unbearable.  We are meeeeeltiiiiiing. Possibly because of that plus the blazing sun plus mild dehydratrion, my hair is absolutely parched and feels so brittle so I decide to take drastic measures and buy some ghee! (Such a joyful word. Ghee!).  

For those out there not in the know, ghee is clarified butter. Yup. Butter. Seems wasteful right? A friend of mine in the process of transitioning (and on the brink of returning to creamy crack) went to an Ethiopian hair salon about a month back and came back with tales of butter in hair, raving about how soft her hair was. I've seen similar tales since on Facebook so i have high hopes for this ghee!  Although I am DYING to try it out, most people seem to use it as a prepoo and I'm not sure how well it would fare overnight in the heat so I've decided to wait until nanny arrives in a few days to try it out. 

Meanwhile back at the ranch...Child is brimming with energy and it's straight off to the pool as soon as we get home. Despite a determined effort, I get my two back knots wet. Sigh. It's not that I don't swim at the coast. I do. I love it. But I do like to prepare my hair before hand by:

- Saturating the hair with tap water to minimise absorption of chlorinated pool water. 
- Applying a light protective layer of conditioner and oil before swimming 

I did neither. 

My straw-like hair and I had a lovely afternoon frolicking in the pool but I went straight after and did a quick co-wash to try and counter the effects. My hair feels better after and I liberally apply some Kakena's milk on but it's pretty tangled after two weeks of wearing the same knot out with no detangling. 

And I forgot my coconut oil at home! Wails!!! Not only is it an absolute lifeline for me when detangling but also, crucially, doubles as diaper cream for The Child. A foray to the coconut farm is called for. 

Day 2 survived. 


  1. Twiddling thumbs as I anxiously wait for the rest of the tales and your gheescapade.

    1. Gheescapades!!! Ive been trying to think of a catchy ghee word! Lol!

  2. Your blog is very interesting, good job!